Newborn Registry Checklist & Mama Essentials: The Master Guide to Every Item You’ll Need 0-3 Months

Sharing my list of every essential product that we have used during Lionetta’s first three months after arriving to this world.  I hope this list is helpful to those looking for baby registry items and gift givers!  I broke down the list by category, including links to where you can purchase each item and my personal short description.  I hope this is helpful to soon to be parents and their loved ones!




Snoo Crib – Happiest Baby


(Can also find here on Amazon.)

Life saver!  Expensive purchase but totally a “splurge” worth-it item.  They often have $200-$350 off deals – follow their social media for the deals.  For me, the best part of the Snoo crib is that it is the safest crib on the market!  You swaddle and “clip” your little one into the sides of the crib to keep her safely on her back all night.  As a first time mom, this helped give me peace of mind and extra zzz’s when we first brought our baby home from the hospital.

For more on the Snoo bassinet, be sure to check out my post: Newborn Sleep Tips & SNOO Review: How We Got Our Baby to Sleep 5 Hours in the First Month & 9 1/2 By Week 11


Extra Snoo Sacks & Fitted Crib Sheets


Your Snoo crib comes with one each of the fitted crib sheet and each size of the Snoo Sacks (S, M, & L).  You’ll want to order a second set of each for when you’re washing dirty ones.


Room Camera(s)


You’ll want a camera in whatever room your little one sleeps in, even if she sleeps in your bedroom as a newborn.  I made the mistake of thinking we didn’t need one right away because she slept in our room, however, we soon learned we needed one even in our bedroom to keep an eye on her during nap time.  You may want additional cameras in other rooms like the living room to watch your little one while you’re away.  I like the Amazon Cloud Cam because the image is clear, it has night vision, the angle is wide, it syncs up to an app on my phone where I can watch her no matter the distance and it records any sound and movement so you can go back and watch video clips, and it has two-way talking.  We also have a Nest camera which is comparable, but since we don’t have the Nest Aware subscription we prefer the Amazon Cloud Cam.


Rocking Chair


I actually tried to go without getting a rocking chair, but eventually fell to peer pressure from my family!  The funny thing is I actually didn’t often use the chair in the newborn timeframe, I mostly nursed from my bed (my little one slept in her Snoo bassinet next to my bed for the first 6+ months).  However, once I moved Lionetta to her own room I began using the chair with nearly every feeding.

When we looked at rocking chairs I initially thought this cushioned wood style was way too ‘grandma-ish’ for us.  But I can thank my mom for making us sit in every style of chair at Babies R Us (RIP) and actually feeling the differences.  In my opinion, having a gliding chair and ottoman is the most comfortable (I rank it above having more cushion).  I was a bit annoyed at the high prices of rocking chairs, so I was happy to find this style on Amazon for a reasonable price.




I have this floor lamp next to our rocking chair and ottoman.  We use an Edison bulb so it’s not too stark white and is instead a more soothing warm light.  The warm light is a helpful addition to our “nighttime routine”, and the head turns so you’re able to direct the light.  At Lionetta’s bedtime we turn the room ceiling light off and use this lamp to nurse and then read to her in the rocking chair before finally putting her down to sleep.  I love the style and price – but beware, the head of the lamp gets super hot!


Side Table


I have this next to my rocking chair.  You’ll want a side table to set your water bottle, phone, bottle, burp cloths and any other items you may want to use while you’re feeding the baby.


Muslin Blankets (aka “covers” for changing pad & play gym)


Because I don’t use the traditional changing pad (and instead use the Hatch Baby Changing Pad), a changing pad cover isn’t required.  However, for easier cleanup, I put down a swaddle blanket and then just toss them in the washing machine as they get dirty.  The cotton muslin is also a bit warmer and softer for the baby’s bare skin to touch, rather than the foam material of the Hatch Baby Changing Pad.


Diaper GenieRefills, & Extra Filters


I started saving plastic bags from the start of my pregnancy so that I wouldn’t need to have a diaper pail.  I was afraid it would just smell up our living space.  However, a friend of my husband’s recommended Diaper Genie, so the day we came home from the hospital he ran to the store to pick one up (and then that same friend ended up generously gifting us one!).  I must admit I could now probably not live without this!  It doesn’t smell* and is super convenient (it has a foot operator to open the pail).  Just make sure you tie the bottom of the bag before you fill it!

*Update: doesn’t particularly smell in the newborn phase, until solids have been introduced.*


Sound machine

sound machine

Our Snoo smart crib has a built in sound machine that is quite simply perfection.  However, if you don’t have the Snoo bassinet, a sound machine is a definite must-have item.  And if you do have the Snoo, it’s a must-have for after your little one transitions out of the Snoo.  Babies are used to the sound of all that is going on inside their mother’s bodies while they grow during pregnancy.  White noise helps put them at ease to fall asleep faster and more comfortably.


Activity Gym


My baby loves her activity gym!  Her pediatrician mentioned babies aren’t able to really see anything until 2 months, but we decided to put her under her gym right away and she has always loved it.  I think my little one took to this “Emily & Meritt” style from Pottery Barn Kids because of the black, white, and shiny gold colors – I think she could better see the white/black (light/dark) contrast and the shiny gold catching the light before her eyesight fully developed.  At first, she would stare at the striped legs of the gym and later she loved gazing around at all the hanging objects.  (Tip: Lay out a muslin blanket for your baby to lay on in case she spits up.  That way you can easily throw the muslin in the wash and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the activity gym.)

Lionetta still uses this play gym when she is strapped into her Jolly Jumper.  The entire playset is soft, so I don’t have to worry about her hitting any hard wood or plastic pieces while she is jumping around.


Mama Roo



We’ve heard mixed reviews on the 4moms mamaRoo baby swing – some of our friends’ little ones just didn’t take to it, but others found it to be a saving grace in calming their little one.  Our baby gets mesmerized by the mobile and would easily fall asleep from the rocking – so it worked well for us!


BabyBjorn Balance Soft Mesh Bouncer 


Another chair option is the BabyBjorn Balance Soft Mesh Bouncer.  The thing I love about this chair is that it is incredibly lightweight – so it’s great for travel or to move around within your home when you’re multitasking and want to have the baby by your side.  This came in handy one particular day for me when I absolutely needed a shower but my little one was awake – I showered with the curtain partially open so I was still in sight and next to her, and she was safely secure in the bouncer.


Changing Table


I lucked out and my godfather handmade our changing table.  You can use a variety of shelves or dressers for your changing table.  Some things to keep in mind are (1) height (you want to comfortably do the changes – and if you’re planning on breastfeeding you will already have some back pain from hunching over to nurse), (2) length & width (the standard changing pad dimensions are 17″ x 33″, and (3) storage – you’ll definitely want to store diapers, wipes, etc. (see items under my “Changing Table” list below) on the top, and understorage (you could also have a secondary shelf/dresser next to the changing table for this).



Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad + App


This changing pad has a built-in scale, which was especially helpful the first couple of weeks after bringing the baby home from the hospital to make sure she was gaining weight.  I also really love the app that comes with the changing pad – I tracked all of my feeds and the baby’s diaper changes, sleep time, and weight gain.  Bed Bath & Beyond is a great place to purchase this so you can use one of their 20% off coupons.


Storage Bins


I keep extra diapers, wipes, clothes, muslin blankets, and burp cloths in storage bins on the shelves below the changing top.  You’ll want everything to be within an arms reach to grab so you don’t have to walk away from the changing table in the middle of a change (and you never leave a baby alone on a changing table, even for a second).  These bins from IKEA fit perfectly on the low shelves of my changing table.




During the first few weeks your baby’s business isn’t that grand, so I personally loved the diapers that have a yellow line that turns blue when the diaper is wet.  I think several diaper brands have this feature, including Pampers (which was used at my hospital) and Huggies.  I switched to Honest diapers eventually because of their Honest Standard, intent of social responsibility, and they have easy-to-use bundle shipping.


Baby Wipes


I order Honest wipes with as part of my diaper bundle shipping.  For my diaper bag I love the brand Everyone diaper wipes, the wipes have chamomile and aloe which tends to make for a smoother cleanup.


Wipe Warmer


I read that getting a wipe warmer could be going overboard.  However, my sweet mother-in-law got us one when we brought the baby home from the hospital and we love it.  I have to say the baby likes her wipes warmed!  It’s a little something extra for the baby – especially for the cold Fall/Winter nights. And the warmth softens the wipes.


GroVia Magic Stick Diaper Balm


Having the diaper balm on a stick is super helpful, especially when changing diapers on the go.  It’s non-messy and easy to use.  I initially only had this in our diaper bag (and would use Aquaphor at home), but my husband loves the GroVia stick so much that we doubled up to have a stick in the diaper bag and an additional stick for the nursery changing table.  Now it’s the only diaper balm product we use; unless we are trying to cure diaper rash in which case we usually use Aquaphor.


Good Smelling Hand Sanitizer (+ lotion) + hand soap


Be sure to stock up on hand soap & sanitizer.  I use sanitizer at the changing table and then have the option of a more thorough wash at the sink with hand soap if needed.  You’ll also be thankful that you have stock when guests come over to visit – we ask guests to wash their hands before holding the baby.  You may want to get some hand lotion as well – all the sanitizing dries out your skin!





Blooming Bath Lotus


My little one actually looks this smiley when she bathes in her blooming bath.  We initially used the small version of the Puj tub and bath time was an unfortunate nightmare.  Bath time is now much more pleasant in her blooming bath.  (Tip: Place a warm, wet wash cloth on your little one’s chest to help calm her during bath time.)


Super Soft Wash Cloths


I love these washcloths my sister-in-law gifted us.  They are super soft for the baby’s skin.  You’ll need several for bath time and to use after diaper blowouts.

I tried to mostly stick with white towels/linens/burp cloths for the baby so that I could throw everything in the wash in a single load.  However, if you scroll down to my laundry list, you’ll see I also use Shout Color Catcher Sheets …


Dove Soap


We use Dove Baby Tip to Toe Wash.  Our pediatrician recommended it, noting that other washes with fragrances are too much for newborns.  It being an all-in-one wash is super convenient, especially when you’re multitasking (i.e., checking the water temperature, making sure baby’s head is supported, asking yourself “oh shoot where did I put the wash cloths?”…, etc.).


Munchkin Shampoo Rinser


My minimalistic heart fought against purchasing this item.  “Is it really necessary?,” I asked myself.  The answer is, “Yes!”.  I’ve definitely found it super helpful for my little one’s bath time.  For me, bath time with an infant is like a delicate dance… Avoiding hitting her head against the metal faucet while keeping her from slipping down into the sink while constantly checking the water temperature while scrubbing her body from head to toe and managing any potential cries… it’s a lot for me.  This rinser is super helpful to rinse her head and back while juggling everything else – and the soft body of the rinser keeps from any potential head-knocking accidents.


Selsun Dandruff Shampoo


This is an item you can probably hold off on purchasing unless your baby gets cradle cap.  When our little one lost most of her hair on top (which provided her with a comical mullet), our pediatrician recommended Selsun shampoo.  It started working for us after the first use (and her mullet slowly faded).


Cradle Cap Brush


We took home the cradle cap brush from the hospital (which was essentially one of the Scalp Scrubbie brushes), and I later purchased the Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb on Amazon.  I recommend softer brushes like the Scalp Scrubbies to start with for your newborn and if your little one continues to have cradle cap after the newborn phase then purchasing the Safety 1st option.  I like the Safety 1st’s comb option for the more-than-mild cradle cap.




Our friends gifted us this adorable robe (in a different print) by Milkbarn.  It’s super cozy and adorable for afterbath drying off and snuggles!


Hooded Towel


There are many options for adorable hooded baby towels.  A few sites with options are Nordstrom, Spearmint Baby, and Amazon.


Bath Thermometer


I actually don’t currently use this floating bath thermometer for my little one.  However, I bought it while I was pregnant and used it for my nightly epsom salt baths and absolutely loved it.  I’d stand in front of the bathtub until the temperature dropped below 100 degrees and I could finally jump in and know I was keeping my growing baby safe.  I will definitely use it again when my little one gets bigger.  For now, I’m constantly checking the temperature of the running sink water with the inside of my wrist for baby’s bath time.



Soft Pajamas


Pajamas/onesies with direct access to the diaper are the best.  My baby hates any clothes you have to pull over her head (and all that nonsense isn’t fun to deal with in the middle of the night diaper change sessions).  However, I did learn that most baby clothes are made to have neck openings wide enough that can be put on from the toes up.  We also found that pants gave our little one terrible gas pain as a newborn, so I’d advise avoiding pants for 0-3 months.


Newborn Knit Hats


We found our little one slept best during the cold fall and winter nights when she was snuggled up with a soft knit hat.  We loved the ones the hospital provided – perfect amount of stretch, softness, and warmth.  It’s also important to note that you don’t want to overheat your baby – we discussed how to best dress our little one and what temperature to keep our home air at with our pediatrician.


Burt’s Bees Mitts


Although the staff at our hospital advised that babies don’t need mitts (“they had fingernails in the womb and they were fine!”), I always had mitts on my little one while she was a newborn.  She has managed to scratch her sweet little face when she wasn’t wearing any mitts, so on with the mitts!  And perhaps it’s a placebo effect, but I think it helps keep her hands warm as well.




There’s nothing like a good pair of socks.  This style is perfect for a newborn because it has the right amount of cozy comfort and stretch.  Babies are great at kicking off their socks, but the stretch in this style helps keep them on.  You’ll want these to keep your baby’s tootsies warm for her footless outfits.


Burt’s Bees Blankets


These blankets run on the small side but that was perfect for little newborn.  The soft jersey had enough stretch to wrap her tightly.  Some blankets are so large it’s too much fabric to deal with when you’re trying to swaddle your newborn baby tightly.  We later used these blankets as towels for Lionetta to dry and wrap her up after bath time.


Larger Swaddle Blanket Option


These swaddle blankets by Adovely are incredibly soft, stretchy, and lightweight.  They are much larger than the Burt’s Bees blankets (above).  Our Snoo bassinet had swaddles made for specifically for the Snoo, so we didn’t use these swaddles often.





Comotomo Bottles


I didn’t do a ton of research when it came to baby bottles but this brand seemed to have good reviews and some of my friends use them as well.  I do like that they are made from “100% safe hygienic silicone”, safe to use in boiling water, and have anti-colic holes in the nipple cap.  I really like that when my little one is older and able to hold (and drop) her own bottle, the soft silicone will be crack-proof.


Milk Snob Car Seat & Nursing Cover


My sister gave me this classic black & white stripe car seat and nursing cover by Milk Snob – I believe they are the original creators of the stretch jersey style cover?  I love that it is multi-use as a carseat cover and nursing cover.  The fabric is super soft which is great when touching the baby’s skin and the stretch gives a snug fit over various carseats and stroller seats.  I use it anytime we take our little one out of the house to help shield her from outside germs.  This is one of our favorite and most-used baby items, although I will admit I eventually gave up on covering Lionetta when I nurse her in public because she fusses with any blanket that comes close to her head. #freethenipple #normalizebreastfeeding 🙂


My Brest Friend


Another sweet hand-me-down from my sister, My Brest Friend nursing pillow has been helpful since day 1 at the hospital in aiding in comfortable nursing for my little one and me.  I registered for a second cover for when unpredictable spit-ups and blowouts occur – so I can throw the dirty cover in the wash and have a clean backup.


Carter’s Burp Cloths


They have 2 sides and the soft side is perfect for use on the baby’s soft skin.  The terry cloth side is also great for cleanup.


Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump


I ordered this through my health insurance via the link above.  The order is restricted to go through until you are 30 days from your due date.  My little one arrived early and my breastpump hadn’t yet arrived upon my return home from the hospital.  I called the pump provider and they were able to expedite shipping.  However, I do wish I had it immediately when I got home from the hospital.  (My hospital also had a pump in my postpartum room, but I didn’t find a need to use it.  …And it’s not one of the items you can take home with you, unfortunately.)  Thankfully, my lactation consultant caught wind of the fact my pump hadn’t yet arrived and provided me with a free manual pump to take home from the hospital.  I ended up using it before my electric pump came in to relieve engorgement.  I have also used a fancier style of an electric Medela pump and honestly probably prefer the base model I got through my insurance.  It’s nice and compact which is great for traveling and for night use (I’d hate to fiddle around with a bulky pump in the middle of the night).

To make this style portable, you can purchase battery and car adapters.


batteryadapter       car adaptor

Here also is a link to “The 10 Best Breast Pumps in 2017 – For Every Kind of Mother” on, for additional options and information.

If you’re planning on mostly pumping, I might also look into the Willow wearable breast pump.


Medela Breast Pump Accessories Kit


Extra, extra read all about it!  I truly *try* to be a minimalist, however, extra sets of breast shields and parts was much needed.  It’s important to keep breast pump parts clean for your little one, so having an extra sets on hand has been extremely helpful.  I had a case of Mastitis and on top of that it (by “it” I believe it was the antibiotics) caused my milk supply to diminish.  The cure?  Tons of pumping!  I’ve found that increasing milk supply simply comes down to a supply and demand system – the higher the demand (nursing & pumping), the higher the supply.  When you are pumping every few hours it can be difficult to keep the pump parts clean – so having extra is definitely beneficial!


Medela Breastmilk Storage Bags


I like to keep two of these boxes on hand so that I never accidentally run out.  After my bout with Mastitis, I pumped several times a day and was able to store away extra milk in the freezer using these storage bags.  The bags hang from the adapters (that are included in each box) which are connected to the breast shields.


Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set


These are great to have when you want to pump directly into a bottle (vs. a storage bag).  There are times when I want to feed my baby on the go, so I will pump directly into these bottles.  They’re great because they screw right into my Medela breast shields and measure the amount of milk contained in the bottle.  You’ll want to start with Slow Flow nipples and later use Medium Flow.  (The Slow Flow nipples are included in the bottle set linked above, so you don’t need to buy separately.)

Tip: If you’re trying to get your little one back to nursing after bottle feeding, try using the Slow Flow nipples so the milk doesn’t come out as fast (if you’ve moved up to the Medium Flow).  After a combination of bottle feeding and nursing, my little one would get fussy at the breast if I had a slow let down of my milk.  Which can be especially frustrating if you’re traveling and don’t have extra stored milk to feed her in a bottle.



Boon Travel Brush Set & Drying Rack and Counter Top Drying Rack


If you plan on doing any hand washing of bottles, I recommend at minimum getting the travel brush set – something you can use at home and for travel.  The larger counter top drying rack is helpful if you plan on pumping as you will go through many bottles.  Even when I use the dishwasher to clean bottles I still have them finish air drying on the counter top rack.  You’ll definitely use it later on when your little one starts solids and you go through more baby feeding supplies.  Now that my little one is teething I hand wash some of her toys and air dry them on the drying rack.  If you plan on traveling while pumping, check out my post on taking a road trip with a newborn for some tips!


Cooler & Ice Packs


We used this cooler and ice packs to transport breastmilk for a road trip we took.  Can also be helpful to transport milk for any events or work outside the home.


Water Bottle with Straw & Handle


I purchased this one off Amazon while I was still pregnant and loved it.  But I put it in the dishwasher and water snuck through the cracks and sort of ruined it.  Luckily, the hospital provided us with a couple similar bottles to take home after the baby’s delivery.  You get dehydrated when you nurse and breastmilk is 88% water, so staying hydrated is key!  The handle and straw are incredibly helpful to drink water while your other hand is being used to hold up your little one.


Honest Organic Nipple Balm


I used this after every feed the first couple of weeks of nursing.  It also worked to relieve our baby’s chaffed chin from nursing.  However, be aware that it has coconut oil (which is a nut) and to not allow the baby to ingest.  Even if I thought the balm was completely absorbed by the next feeding, I usually wiped my nipples with a wet wash cloth before I fed the baby again just to be sure she wouldn’t ingest any residue.


Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads


When the organic nipple balm wasn’t enough the Lansinoh Soothies were a LIFESAVER!  Even though my baby seemed to have a good latch, after a few days of nursing my nipples hurt bad.  These did the overtime job that nipple balm couldn’t do.  They are pricey at $9.99/set for a one time use item.  However, they were totally worth it.  I’ve used 2 sets so far and both times have been incredibly thankful to have the option.


Lansinoh Therapearl 3-IN-1 Breast Therapy


During the newborn phase I used these hot/cold packs before and after every feeding.  They saved the day when I had engorgement early on, and I still use them to help warm up my milk flow or soothe my hardworking breasts.


Hands Free Pumping and Nursing Bra


I feel like such an animal when I wear this (which was multiple times a day when I was doing a combination of bottle feeding and nursing).  However, I realize how awesome it is that my body can produce milk – the single substance my baby needs to help her grow and develop – pretty awesome, right?  I couldn’t image not having this when I pump on both sides, as holding the pump parts in place on both sides simultaneously for 10-15 minutes is not my idea of ideal.  I thank my sister for passing this item down to me.  If you’re planning on pumping, you may want to have 2 of these for times when laundry and pumping coincide.



Nursing Bras – Underwire and Soft


Admittedly, I went braless at home often during the newborn phase…  And stained all of my old t-shirts with breastmilk.  However, now that I have been breastfeeding for many months I wish I would have invested in more nursing bras.  If you’re planning on nursing or pumping at all, you’ll mostly only wear nursing bras – so invest wisely!  I like the soft option for when I’m home and want to be comfortable and the underwire style for all other times.


Soft Robe / Nursing Tops

robee flannel

The softer the better.  At home during the newborn phase, I lived in 2 soft robes I purchased from Target.  If I head out of the house and think I will need to nurse at some point, I try to wear a button down or easy access top that is made of super soft fabric.  Even if you try to push your clothes to the side and away from the baby’s face, it seems to inevitably touch her face at some point – so fabric softness is helpful.  In hindsight, I wish I would have invested in more nursing tops.  Here are a few websites that have nursing top options: Hatch, Asos, Target, H&M, and Amazon.




I was determined to not have to use formula when I brought home my little one from the hospital.  In hindsight, I’m not quite sure why I was so adamant – and I’m so glad I had some formula on hand because I definitely needed it!  I have learned a lot about breastfeeding since bringing my little one into this world, and without going into a saga about it, just have some formula on hand because breastfeeding is a learning process and you’ll be grateful that you planned ahead.

We used Enfamil Premium Infant Bottles by default because we received a box of free samples.  The bottles were super convenient – you just untwist the top and switch on the nipple and it’s ready to go!  SIDE NOTE: Our baby slept her first 4-hour stretch after her first time downing one of these! 🙂






We live an urban lifestyle, so we prioritized a good stroller.  The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller was the perfect combination of style and functionality for us.  The company has thought of so many functionality points including shaving away inches on the width, so you can easily get into and out of doorways and around corners.  It is lightweight but sturdy, and I love the brown leather handles (only certain color combinations have the brown leather).  We were able to get a 20% off price match at Nordstrom on our stroller and car seat – and you might additionally be able to use a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond.  (The 20% off price match at Nordstrom was matched from a store, Giggle, which has since gone out of business.)


Car Seat


We got this UppaBaby MESA car seat by default to go with our UPPAbaby stroller.  You can intermix some car seats and strollers, but you often need adapters.  This car seat is incredibly easy to use with our stroller base and to click in and out of its base in our car.  There are even red/green indicators to put you at ease that everything is correctly clicked into place.  And I think it’s pretty lightweight for a car seat, has the needed safety standards, and even includes an SPF 50+ canopy.


Car Mirror


We bought a car mirror off the shelf at Target that worked pretty well.  My in-laws thoughtfully gifted us this option pictured above and what a difference it makes!  The mirror is large and the reflected image is clear – it’s so nice to be able to glance up and clearly see your baby, especially if you’re driving alone.


Burt’s Bees Stroller Blanket


I love this blanket!  It’s super soft and not too bulky – perfect for the stroller.  (I’ve used knit blankets but some shed (baby could ingest fibers) and things can get caught in the holes.)  I always have this in the bottom storage of the stroller – it can serve as a blanket to warm, a soft pillow for diaper changes, a nursing cover, a sun shield, and a warm blanket to use at doctor’s appointments when they have you strip your little one down to her diaper.


Diaper Bag


Your diaper bag may become your catch-all, so you’ll want to make sure you pick out something you love.  We went with this Herschel Supply Diaper Bag because we liked the simplistic style, liquid repellent fabric, large open pockets, and it’s lightweight and has a shoulder strap (which can be especially helpful when traveling).

If you’re wondering what goes inside a newborn’s diaper bag, be sure to check out my post on Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials.


For Your Diaper Bag: Travel Hand Sanitizer, Changing Pad, and Mini Trash Bags

handsanitizerchangingpad minitrashbag

As I mentioned above, be sure to check out my post on Newborn Diaper Bag Essentials for a more in-depth look at what’s inside a newborn’s diaper bag.  You’ll definitely want travel size hand sanitizer.  I like this up&up option because it has aloe which helps soften your hands – I also always have baby lotion in my diaper bag for baby and for my dry hands.  Although my diaper bag came with a changing pad, I prefer (and love!) this option by Logan + Lenora.  It has a magnetic closure, which makes it super easy to open and close when you’re limited on hands!  You’ll be happy to stock a roll of mini trash bags in your diaper bag to put your dirty diaper and wipes in after changes.


Solly Wrap


My sister-in-law and brother-in-law used this with their little one and gifted us our own to use with Lionetta.  Once we got the wrap/tie procedure down (it’s actually really easy), we started using this all the time.  And we love it!  The fabric is super soft, the color and print options are adorable, it’s compact to travel with, and it’s super comfortable for parent and baby.


Pacifier & Pacifier Clip


I waited to give my little one a pacifier until she was a few weeks old.  I read introducing one too early could cause nipple confusion.  Once she was a few weeks old we used a pacifier when we took her out in public.  It helped her self-soothe and refrain from loud cries until we found a place to feed her.  I like this option by Hevea because it’s 100% natural rubber – and the stars and moons are not only cute but also serve as ventilation holes.  A pacifier clip is a nice addition to help the lost pacifier cause.  It seems everyone has a different relationship with pacifiers, for us, we only purchased a single pacifier (that thankfully never got lost) and now Lionetta sucks her thumb so we haven’t found a need for one recently.



NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator


This was one of those items I probably didn’t fully understand until I actually became a mother and had to use it.  You insert the tip of the blue tube gently into your little one’s nostril and suck in from the red tip at the other end to help pull boogers from your baby’s nose.  Simply put, it works and you’ll need it.  You’ll want to use with infant saline drops (see Little Remedies option below).


Bulb Syringe


One night our little one spit up pretty heavily and had a ton of drainage in her nasal passage.  We used the NoseFrida Snotsucker (overviewed above) to suction out her nose and a bulb syringe to suction out sticky liquid from her mouth.  Since then, we’ve used the bulb syringe to clear out runny noses as well.  This is an item we were able to take home from the hospital.


Little Remedies Saline Drops / Spray


I often used these infant saline drops with the NoseFrida Snotsucker when my little one was a newborn, and we still use them now.  I highly recommend having these on hand from the start – you can imagine how difficult it must be for your baby to struggle to breathe through his nose when it’s clogged and he can’t yet clear it on his own.  We use a humidifier every night to also help facilitate easy breathing.




We live in the dry climate of Colorado, so a humidifier is a must!  It helps your baby breathe better, softens his skin, and will thus aide in quality sleep.




We read online to avoid ear thermometers for a newborn because it could damage their ears.  However, after seeing that’s what was used at our pediatrician’s office, we figured if we are diligent and careful, that was the best option for us.  It didn’t work.  We could never grab an accurate temperature reading.  After speaking with our hospital’s nurses’ phone line, rectal temperature readings are the most accurate.  We picked up a simple oral and rectal digital thermometer at the pharmacy, similar to this option.  It’s easy to use, our little one doesn’t fuss much with it, and knowing that it will give us the most accurate reading gives us peace of mind during times when we might be a bit more stressed than usual.


Tiny Bandaids


I purchased a box of these tiny bandages after my little one needed a bandaid on her tiny finger and I realized even the smallest band-aid I had on hand was way too big.  These “junior” sized bandages are perfect for a baby’s tiny body parts.




I’ve found Aquaphor to quickly clear up diaper rash.  I believe the tube states it works in under 6 hours and that has definitely been true for us!  We’ve also used it to treat some eczema, cradle cap, and small scratches on the skin.  I believe Aquaphor is safe to use on newborns, but I always check with my pediatrician before using any products on my little one.


Gas Relief Tubes


This works!  We tried to use it with our little one’s first case of gas pains and couldn’t find it in ourselves to insert anything into her tiny little tush!  (Alternatively, we used Gripe Water – which we thought worked but our pediatrician hinted at a potential placebo effect.)  At two months she found herself with gas pains and constipation once again and this seemingly simplistic tube did the job!  Just lube it up with some coconut oil or Aquaphor, very carefully insert into your little one’s behind, and voila! Out comes poo!  Your baby will thank you.  These tubes also came in helpful when my little one later started solids and had trouble passing gas and firmer stools.



Nail Trimmer


After initially trying out these tiny, incredibly sharp nail scissors and nearly snipping my little one’s fingertip, I did some research and found this alternative electric nail trimmer.  The electric nail trimmer is still not the easiest gadget to use, however, it’s the best option I’ve found and it files down my baby’s nails safely.  The tricky part is Lionetta thinks it’s funny and tries to grab the moving pad.

Side Note: I’ve also tried biting her nails with my teeth but I think my teeth are thicker than the length of her nails… aka the nail biting method didn’t work for me.



Tide Free & Gentle laundry detergent


I have always used Tide’s Free & Gentle detergent and loved it.  Now I just throw the baby’s laundry in with ours.


Shout Color Catcher


These are great!  Your little one will create lots of dirty laundry – pajamas, burp cloths, swaddles, etc.  And because most of her stuff is so tiny, it seems wasteful to constantly wash small loads.  Shout Color Catcher sheets catch color runoff so you can do loads of mixed colors.  Just be careful with your whites!




Lounge Pants & Cozy Socks

pjpants socksss

Especially during the first couple weeks postpartum, you still are in physical pain from delivery.  Feeling comfortable and cozy is helpful.  You’ll want to live in loose waistlines until your uterus has gone down and pain subsides.  PJ Salvage makes an ultra comfortable pajama pant and Butter Slipper Socks are incredible!


Large, Soft Underwear


I ordered panties online after I came home from the hospital, ordering one size up from my usual size.  When they arrived in the mail I laughed at how large they looked.  However, I underestimated my tush size.  The bigger the better, in my case at least!  You just want to be super comfortable as your body adjusts from pregnancy to postpartum.


Eyeglasses (if you wear glasses/contacts)

I lived in bed the first couple weeks, and living in the dry climate of Colorado, I can’t sleep in my contacts.  Having eyeglasses on my nightstand, an arm’s length away was super helpful for the many on-and-off feedings.


Pads, Tucks, Dibucaine Ointment 



I was super lucky and had a fairly quick and painless delivery (thank you epidural).  However, the pain really hit me postpartum.  I took home the hospital’s supply to me of Geritrex dibucaine ointment and hemorrhoid pads.  TIP: Try to get a hold of your fair share of the dibucaine ointment from the hospital.  You’ll go through it pretty quickly and 1 oz. tubes are about $8-$10 each!


Hair Ties

Goody Women's Ouchless 2 mm Elastics, Neutral, 50 Count

Long hair, don’t care!  Except you will care when your baby is either eating it or pulling on it with her mighty grip.  I kept two skinny hair ties on my wrist when I wasn’t nursing – two skinny bands seemed to perfectly hold my hair up without being too tight.  I always took my hair down when I wasn’t nursing so I wouldn’t get a headache or cause hair breakage.



Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm, Pomegranate with Beeswax and Fruit Extracts, 0.15 ounce, 4 Tubes

Your lips may get dry if you’re breastfeeding.  Burt’s Bees Pomegrante is my favorite.



When my husband is traveling for work, I keep company with books and streamed tv shows on my computer.  If it is “nighttime” for the baby, I plug my earbuds into my laptop while I stream my shows – that way I don’t wake the baby or confuse her “daytime” and “nighttime”.




Hand Soap


Stock up on hand soap & sanitizer.  I use sanitizer at the changing table and then have the option of a more thorough wash at the sink with hand soap if needed.  I love Meyer’s Clean Day Honeysuckle scent.  Get some hand lotion as well – all the sanitizing dries out your skin!


Hand Lotion


All that hand washing will cause your skin to dry out, so nourishing your skin with good lotion is key!  There are so many good hand lotions on the market, and I particularly like Nature by Canus Fresh Goat’s Milk Moisturizing Lotion.  Although if you find an option in a pump bottle that makes things a little bit easier!


Chamomile Tea


Bringing a human into this world is so easy fete!  I love sipping chamomile tea to destress (and it helps keep you hydrated!).  I’m currently really into Traditional Medicinal’s Chamomile with Lavender.  Add fresh squeezed lemon for extra nutritional benefits!


Soothing Music

I’m all about positive energy and good zen.  Before a baby is able to talk and even see her new world, she can feel energy.  Soothing music in her new home not only helps calm the baby but also calms her parents and the rest of the family.  I like the have a soothing coffeehouse or jazz playlist play from my iPad or Alexa in a central place like the kitchen.


Paddywax Candles


I think good zen is achieved when multiple senses are pleased.  I like to not only have the soothing music playing during the day, but also pleasantly scented candles.  I personally love the brand Paddywax – you can purchase directly from their website or I like to order on Amazon.


Mom’s One Line a Day (5 year memory book)


(Can also find here and here.)

Mom’s One Line a Day book is a great gift option!  Days are long but time actually seems to fly by with a newborn and with all that is going on, it can be hard to keep track of the baby’s developments.  This book allows you to jot down something quick daily and keep track of your little one’s first 5 years of life.  I love that each page is a single date for each of the 5 years – so you can look back from one year to the next to see what was happening “on this day” for years prior.


My Go-To Books

Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman


I love referencing this book not only for the newborn phase, but it also has great tips for childhood.  In the first chunk of the book the author narrates how she learned her tips; and I love that she conveniently organizes and categorizes each tip to reference in the back of the book.  During the first few weeks at home with our newborn, we used “the pause” method from this book (to not rush in and pick up our little one when she first started crying) and I truly believe that greatly helped her sleep longer stretches at a time (sometimes as much as 8 hours by two months!).


Eat Play Sleep


Author Luiza DeSouza lays out her many years of experience on how to bring a baby into this world.  I love how she is straight forward and practical.  This book focuses on the first three months of a baby’s life, and it was my go-to read that I have recommended to my beloved soon-to-be mamas!



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