Best Dining Spots Near Union Station Denver


Advice I’ve received from many mothers is to ‘be selfish’ during pregnancy. (Selfish meaning to simply put yourself first!) With this advice in mind, Marcello and I have certainly indulged in date nights and brunches throughout this pregnancy. At a minimum our baby girl has certainly appreciated the indulgences.

Here are a few of our favorite spots – but we’re just getting started! 😉



Pigtrain Coffee

  • Lauren’s Favorite: Iced Almond Milk Latte
    • Notes:
      • I personally like my coffee a bit sweet and creamy, without being overwhelming on either front. The almond milk has a touch of sweetness without being overbearing.  I’ve found the almond milk latte to have the perfect balance of caffeinated strength and enjoyable sweetness.
      • Each of their latte sizes has 2 shots of espresso (i.e., Small, Medium, & Large all have 2 espresso shots).
    • Located in Union Station.

Iced Almond Milk Latte @ Pigtrain Coffee // Photo: Lauren La Rocca



Tupelo Honey: (Southern style farm-to-table.)

  • Lauren’s Favorite: Wicked Chicken Biscuit sandwich with mixed greens salad
    • Notes:
      • The Wicked Chicken Biscuit brunch sandwich is both filling and indulgent yet fresh and somewhat healthy – (side note, I ask for my chicken to be grilled instead of fried). I’m a sucker for morning biscuits (check), hot sauce chicken (check), a perfectly runny egg (check), and a fresh green salad (check).  Basically, this brunch dish is heaven on a plate for me.
    • Located @ 17th Street & Wewatta.


wicked chicken biscuit

Wicked Chicken Biscuit Sandwich @ Tupelo Honey // Photo: Lauren La Rocca



Banana Pudding Layered Pancakes @ Tupelo Honey // Photo: Lauren La Rocca


Snooze: (Local breakfast favorite.)

  • Lauren’s Favorite: The Snooze Classic or Summer Harvest Benny
  • Notes:
    • If you order The Snooze Classic I recommend substituting your toast for one of their tasty pancake options or the French Toast (it’s about a $4 upcharge – worth it).
    • Beware: The Summer Harvest Benny is a heavier dish. Delicious, though.
    • If you love having options and you also love eggs benedict, you have the option of ordering 2 half portions of their benedict offerings.
    • Other side notes:
      • I love their hash browns (fresh, thinly sliced).
      • Menu has a lot of flavorful options while remaining reasonably priced.
      • There is always a wait (& they don’t take reservations), however, if you stop by an hour or two before your preferred time they can schedule you. They also have the convenient texting-you-when-your-table-is-ready option.  As well as offering complementary coffee and fruit infused water (and a game of cornhole) while you wait.
    • Located in Union Station.


summer harvest benny

The Summer Harvest Benny @ Snooze // Photo: Lauren La Rocca



Venice: (Italian, homemade pasta & tapas.)

  • Lauren’s Favorite: Insalata di Pere + Tagliatelle Bolognese
  • Notes:
    • Can’t beat a homemade Italian lunch for $10! Includes freshly baked bread and friendly service.
    • Located across the street from Union Station, sit outside for pleasant ambiance.
    • Ask for the happy hour menu before you’re seated (served daily 11AM-7PM).
    • Additional tasty $5 options on the happy hour menu – including a favorite of Marcello’s, Mozzarella Caprese.
  • Located @ 17th Street & Wynkoop.
IMG_0317 2

Insalata di Pere @ Venice Ristorante // Photo: Lauren La Rocca

venice bolognese

Tagliatelle Bolognese @ Venice Ristorante // Photo: Lauren La Rocca


Blue Sushi Saki Grill for happy hour

FullSizeRender 39

Snow White (cooked maki sushi roll) @ Blue Sushi Sake Grill // Photo: Lauren La Rocca


Protein Bar: (Fast, healthy.)

  • Lauren’s Favorite: HI-5 smoothie + Classic Buffalo quinoa bowl
  • Notes:
    • I substitute tofu for the chicken in the quinoa bowl. Their tofu is delicious – I’ve had several failed attempts of duplicating this in my own kitchen.
    • This is fast food. A bit pricey for fast food but plenty of healthy options for those on the go.
  • Located between Wewatta & Wynkoop on 16th
FullSizeRender 38

Protein Bar entryway // Photo: Lauren La Rocca



Bistro Vendome: (French, romantic.)

  • Lauren’s Favorite: “A sweet, refreshing mocktail” + Salade du Verte + Pommes Frites + Navarin de Poulet + Camembert Cheesecake
  • Notes:
    • Quaint space with fantastic service. Always let them know if you’re celebrating anything special.
    • The Pommes Frites are the best fries I’ve ever experienced.
    • Portions run on the smaller size and menu is a bit pricey but the full dining experience is worthwhile.
    • Take a photo under the market lights @ Larimer Square before or after dinner.
  • Located @ Larimer Square on Larimer Street between 15th & 14th.
bistro vendome drink

“A sweet, refreshing mocktail” @ Bistro Vendome // Photo: Lauren La Rocca

bistro vendome enjoyed desserts

Creme Brulee & Camembert Cheesecake @ Bistro Vendome // Photo: Lauren La Rocca


Cholon: (Modern Asian.)

  • Lauren’s Favorite: Pork Belly Buns + Soup Dumplings
    • Notes:
      • Both the Pork Belly Buns and the Soup Dumplings are on the happy hour menu for a bit cheaper than the dinner menu.
      • Happy hour takes place Tuesday-Saturday 2PM-6PM.
    • Located @ 16th Street & Blake
cholon soup dumplings

Soup Dumplings @ Cholon // Photo: Lauren La Rocca



Lucky Pie: (Local, fresh pizza.)

    • Lauren’s Favorite: Pepperoni pizza
    • Notes:
      • Pizza is Neapolitan style.
      • Additional location in Louisville, Colorado (next door to Sweet Cow ice cream – our absolute favorite ice cream spot).
    • Located @ 16th Street & Wazee, in downtown Denver


Other Dinner Options: If you walk up 16th Street there are tons of great options. Larimer Square has nice sit-down restaurants.

union station

Train Platform @ Union Station // Photo: Lauren La Rocca


After Hours

Ice Cream: Milkbox:

  • Lauren’s Favorite: Salted Oreo Banana Split with rainbow sprinkles
FullSizeRender 38

Salted Oreo Banana Split with rainbow sprinkles @ Milkbox // Photo: Lauren La Rocca