Galaxy Themed Baby Shower

The full moon is about letting go and trusting in the future.  Naturally, a “galaxy” themed baby shower was fitting for the July 9th Full Buck Moon.  Throughout my pregnancy, I have learned lessons of humility; along with the power of surrendering to what is and having faith for what will be.  My sweet sister-in-law & brother-in-law threw us a “galaxy” themed baby shower, Kentucky-style.  Baby girl La Rocca was surrounded by the powerful full moon energy combined with the most loving energy from loved ones.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much to everyone whose energy was present that day.  We truly appreciate everyone’s kind words, thoughtful gifts, travel efforts, and of course, beautiful energy.  Check out some of the baby shower details below!

FullSizeRender 16

yellow dress: H&M // braided heels: (Raphaella Booz at Anthropologie, Out of Stock), similar options here and here // cake: Phlen’s Bakery Louisville, KY

On the menu, Kentucky-style:

Sun Brewed Sweet Tea
Kentucky Benedictine Bites
Kentucky Hot Brown Hash
Summer Salad
Strawberry-Filled Vanilla Cake from Phlen’s Bakery

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cake: Phlen’s Bakery Louisville, KY // star toothpicks: Etsy // star garland: Etsy // Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Card Set: Etsy

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star sunnies: (jumbo option) Amazon

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mylar balloons: Party City

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yellow dress: H&M // white sneakers: adidas 

My Ultimate Freedom: Running

running with bump

shoes: newton running // running socks: Feetures // maternity pants: gap // top: (REI, out of stock) similar option here // another great short sleeve top option here:  // watch: Garmin // DISCLAIMER: I am dressed too heavy here for running in summer heat.  I love checking out Runner’s World “What to Wear” guide before a run!

I fell in love with running in my adolescent years. To me, it was the ultimate freedom.  I would tune my Walkman to the local popular radio station, adjust the headphones to my growing head, tighten my ponytail and hike up my tube socks and be on my way.  The music was my release and the pavement was my springboard.  I felt good – challenged yet energized.  It was the one place I could set my own rules and govern myself – if I wanted to make it to the next stop sign, it was up to me and only me.  No parents, teachers, or friends helicoptering over me telling me what to do, how to do it, and what the rules were.  Just me and whatever path I chose.

In my adult years, I have struggled keeping up with running – especially when I moved to Colorado. I compared myself to the Greek goddess-like runners that seemed to surround me.  I felt like the majority of runners woke up at 5AM daily to run their usual 10 mile routes – at elevation, as just their first activity of the day… Probably ending the day with a casual 5 mile hike to the sunset.  While eating only plants.  😉

When I finally realized that these Colorado-Greek-goddesses may in fact exist, they are further along on their running journey than I am. And there was in fact a time when they were where I am standing in my running journey – somewhere towards the beginning.  I self-motivate with the phrase, “Let them laugh at you now and bow down to you later”.  While this phrase may be a little extreme (I truly don’t believe anyone will be bowing down to me), it helps me be in the ‘now’.  Once I accepted my present state, it has been easier to continue pushing myself even while the goddesses lap me at the park.

Because, maybe, to another woman on her first day contemplating to run a lap, she sees me and sees a goddess – a woman with a bump at her belly and freedom on her face.